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Success Stories 2023

Success Stories



King County

Caleb works with ENSO for 6 months out of the year, the other half of the year he resides in CA with her father.  Caleb was placed at Charlie's Cafe in Enumclaw as a dishwasher in August of 2022 and left in December of 2022, Charlies loved his work and was more than willing to have him return in July of 2023. He has gone from needing full extensive support to being self-sufficient and only requiring a check-in during the last 1-2 hours of his shift during closing procedures. Caleb is a very happy-go-lucky guy with a positive attitude and outlook on life. Charlie’s managers and staff are ecstatic to have Caleb as part of their family and are continuously blown away by his progress and success. Caleb loves his job and wants to continue to grow as part of the Charlie’s family. 



King County

Billy just started at Fred Meyers in Renton in June 2022.  Billy came to ENSO working with DVR services in September 2021 and into DDA services in March of 2023.  ENSO worked with Billy to understand his abilities through volunteer work at Habitat for Humanity and then was able to assist in obtaining employment at Fred Meyers.  Currently Billy works in the Hom department restocking two days a week.  Billy has show his is a quick learner and is maneuvering a pallet jack to get the boxes to the area and then unload the items into the appropriate spaces.  Billy is excited to be working and management at Fred Meyers is very pleased with his eagerness to work and fulfill his duties during his shifts.



King County

Tiarra works at Joann's Fabric in Federal Way, WA, where she is known as the major organizer of the ribbon section, where she excels.  She has since been given the T-shirt section, where over 300 individual cubbies each contain a different size, color, and model of the T-shirt.  ENSO developed a number system for the cubbies that Tiarra can use while she is organizing and restocking T-Shirts, this system has proven very effective for Tiarra’s success.  Tiarra is smart, dedicated, and valuable to Joann's, even though she only works there four hours a week. 



King County

Jeffrey started with ENSO in November 2021 with a DVR ITS contract, since coming to ENSO he has moved into DDA services. Jeffrey has been an office aide at the Kindering office in Renton since September 2021. He is very independently efficient at his job but requires extensive behavioral support. Over the year, Jeffrey went from isolating himself socially and relying solely on his job coach if he had any questions, to happily socializing with his coworkers and leaning on his managers for questions and support. Jeffrey continues to progress and is reaching levels of cracking jokes in front of a group of people and being the center of attention. Kindering staff is happy to have Jeffrey work with them and are excited to see what’s in store next. 



King County

Michele is a kindhearted, giving, and caring individual.  ENSO has been working with Michele on many different discovery projects to learn about all her strengths.  Michele started work at Fred Meyers in Renton in June 2023.  Michele works one day a week restocking the home department.  Michele is learning to use a pallet jack, as well as how to identify what items need security tags.  Michele enjoys customer service and helping customers as she learns more about the store.  Michele is excited to be working towards her independence and having ENSO fade from full support.



King County

Melody is currently working two jobs.  She has been working off and on at the Stroum Jewish Community Center (JCC) since 2011 and started at JoAnn’s in Bellevue in May of 2023.  At the JCC Melody assists with writing names on folders for all new members.  Melody is working on gaining confidence in working independently and in her penmanship. At JoAnn’s Melody has fabulous managers that are supportive of her love for Disney!  While working one day currently at JoAnns, Melody’s goal is to work two days a week.  During her shifts, she is restocking many different areas and excels at assisting customers to have a fabulous experience at JoAnns. 



King County

Reyna started with ENSO in October of 2022 with a Community-Based Assessment and was placed right away at Fred Meyers in Renton in October 2022.  Reyna works in customer service and ensuring security at Fred Meyers.  Recently they have implemented a new process of checking all the receipts of customers for asset prevention.  Reyna has grown into her position well and also has moved into long-term DDA support.  Fred Meyers has been very accommodating and their willingness to work with Reyna and assist her growth and learning is amazing. 



King County

Carlos worked with ENSO DVR service throughout the year.  Carlos was successfully placed at Overlake Hospital as a medical materials tech in September 2022.  There were many obstacles facing Carlos and ENSO to obtain gainful employment with the skills and training he had but the lack of experience in the field was a barrier to employment.  Throughout the year, ENSO and Carlos showed surmountable diligence exposing Carlos and his skills to different medical facilities.  Carlos has exceeded expectations and is still employed at Overlake Hospital and working full-time. 



King County

Joshua started with ENSO with DVR services to remain successful at employment through a retention contract.  Joshua works for Northwest Administrators as an audit clerk.  When ENSO started working with him, the barriers to employment were casting a dark shadow on his ability to be successful in the environment due to lighting, noises, and his surroundings.  ENSO was able to establish a remote position, learning how to communicate better with his co-workers, and is currently working 40 hours weekly.

Arthur 2.jpg


Pierce County

Arthur started his employment at WayPoint Church in Purdy in  August of 2022.  He currently works one day a week to get the church sparkling clean.  Arthur has shown great improvement over the first year of his employment and the staff at WayPoint enjoy having his great smile around the building on Wednesdays.  Arthur vacuums the entire church and all the windows.  When Arthur first started his employment, he was barely able to finish all the vacuuming but will diligence from himself and his coach, they were able to not only get a routine and system established for vacuuming, but he was also able to clean the windows in only two hours.



Pierce County

Cassie has been working with Masterman Vending Co. since May of 2019.  She cleans the machines and works diligently two days a week.  This year Masterman’s lost a contract at the second location where Cassie was cleaning, however, they value her skills and were able to allow a second day at the BnI location.  Throughout this year Cassie has shown so much growth, moving from wanting full support for comfortability to valuing her independence and working on her own.  Cassie has also started learning how to email her hours to her boss and the value of email communication. 



Pierce County

Shelby just started with ENSO in July 2023.  At Walmart, Shelby works one day a week straightening the toddler/infant section.  Shelby is strong-willed and likes to have fun with a great personality.  Shelby works to ensure that her section is straightened and then collects empty hangers.  ENSO has started supporting her on the job to work through her section and then move to another section to assist fellow staff at Walmart. Shelby’s favorite section is the Seahawks.  As an avid fan, she is excited to be dressing up as a Seahawks Football player for Halloween this year.  Shelby has developed a lot of strengths with timers for clocking in/out and break times to allow her independence while she works.



Pierce County

Angelina is new to ENSO. She began with us in July of 2023.  Angelina works two hours a week at The Art of Crunch in Tacoma.  She is working with a job coach to place stickers on packages for the bakery to sell to the public.  During her shifts she assists with labels on both the front and back of the items as well as works very hard on getting the stickers straight.  Angelina is also taking singing lessons and sometimes shares her favorite Disney tunes while she is on her break.

Rochelle 2.png


Pierce County

Rochelle started a Community-Based Assessment with ENSO in February 2023 with limited success due to some medical obstacles.  She returned for services in June of 2023 and was successful at completing three different worksite assessments at Habitat for Humanity, World Vision, and Grocery Outlet.  During the assessment, ENSO learned so much about Rochelle and her amazing ability to adapt and see what needed to be done.  As well her memory for tasks, and people’s names was also useful in the different locations, navigating areas, and asking for assistance.  Rochelle’s next step will be to obtain gainful employment either at MOD Pizza or somewhere in customer service.



Pierce County

Jakoby started services with ENSO with a job placement contract in December 2022.  He obtained gainful employment at Safeway as a courtesy clerk in January 2023 working twenty hours a week.  Jakoby has enjoyed his employment at Safeway and continues to exceed the expectations of management and provide great customer service. 



Spokane County

Misty started a new job at Harvard Park Retirement Community working as a server.  Misty’s passion is helping the elderly and excels at her job.  Without any previous serving experience, she jumped in with both feet and started learning the fast-paced requirements and steps to resetting tables after service.  Misty has great natural support and has needed limited accommodations.  Sonja her manager enjoys Misty's smile and her bubbly attitude she brings to every shift.  Misty hopes to continue to grow as a server working with the residents and bonding with them as well. 



Spokane County

Brittney currently works at Hops n Drops in Spokane since March of 2023 as a hostess.  Brittany connects with all her fellow hosts and works together to create the best experience at Hops n Drops.  Brittany ensures the menus are wiped down and has grown into the role with confidence.  She currently can assist all sizes of groups to their tables, understand the seating assignments, and is able to navigate the new computer system for seating customers.  Brittany has also just started assisting with the training of a new hostess.  Brittney stays very busy with her Special Olympics and is so thankful for the support of Hops n Drops for the time off for her extracurricular activities. 



Spokane County

Robert started at Hops n Drops in Spokane Valley in April of 2023.  He works five days a week for two hours a day with the vital task of making mozzarella sticks.  Robert works diligently to dredge the cheese sticks in egg and then panko mix, this process is done twice to ensure crispy mozzarella sticks for customers to enjoy.   Robert has been able to work independently with only minor reminders and is able to finish his sticks and assist the kitchen staff with washing dishes for the remainder of his shifts.  Robert is excited to be working to allow him to move into a new apartment.



Spokane County

Jack has worked at Stormin Normin’s since September 2022.  Jack works two days a week for two hours, cleaning menus, tables, and chairs as well as folding towels/rages.  Jack is eager to work as well as get his Pepsi at the end of his shift from his manager Marci.  Marci loves the excitement that Jack brings to her team and enjoys having him around to reach those high places that nobody else can reach. 



Spokane County

Emily started at JoAnns in  October 2022.  Emily works two days a week for two hours and is able to be independent for part of her shift.  She currently straightens the fabrics, sweeps floors, and straightens the T-Shirt section.  Emily has been improving her ability to assist customers and navigate the store on her own.  Emily’s bright personality is welcomed by her fellow co-workers and managers at JoAnns. 



Spokane County

Eloy started at Jack in the Box after being employed at Carl’s Jr. for four years.  Carl’s Jr. had management and staffing issues and did not allow Eloy to continue his employment.  Although the skills and knowledge he gained at Carl’s Jr. were instrumental in achieving employment in April 2023 at Jack in the Box.  Eloy is working the fryer and is thriving in his new environment.  He is able to fry tacos, fries, churros, nuggets, potato wedges and much more.  Eloy is currently working two days a week and looking forward to increasing his schedule and independence.

Megan 2.jpg


Spokane County

Megan started her employment at Domino’s in October 2022 after working for Cleanworks for almost a year.  Cleanworks did not have as many hours as Megan preferred to work so ENSO and Megan worked together to obtain employment at Domino’s.  Megan has grown independent in her position as a Crew Member.  Megan creates pretzel bits, bread sticks, parmesan bits, and many other sides for Domino’s.  Megan has learned safety with cutting tools and proportions.  Megan now works four days a week with a four-hour shift.  Her energy and eagerness to learn are welcomed by her managers at Domino’s.  She is excited to learn more about making pizzas as well as assisting customers with their orders.

Rebecca 2.jpg


Spokane County

Rebecca started with ENSO with DVR services in March of 2023.  She started at the Blue Zoom in Spokane’s Northtown Mall in July 2023.  She is a crew member and assists with various groups and members attending the Blue Zoo exhibits.  She is able to explain multiple facts about birds and sea life.  Rebecca has found great team members and ENSO helped with small accommodation of quick tips for the different areas for Rebecca's success.  Blue Zoo management enjoyed it so much they are looking at incorporating it for all their team members to remember facts and information successfully.  Rebecca works three days a week with four-hour shifts and is looking forward to staying at Blue Zoo for a long time.  

Joshua 2.jpg


Spokane County

Joshua started working at Yoke’s in Latah in July of 2023.  He started his DVR journey with ENSO in April of 2023.  Along with a job placement contract, Joshua also worked with ENSO with IL services (independent living) to learn more about money handling, professional communication, and time management systems.  All of these enable Joshua for successful employment at Yokes.  Joshua assists with a cleaning routine that is vital to keeping the store clean and ready for customers.  Yokes was excited to work with ENSO and assist Joshua with gainful paid employment.  Joshua is working toward being completely independent during his shifts.

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