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Recap from last years success story -

Christina is a hardworking, devoted worker and eager to learn. ENSO has been working with Christina for several years through employment and most recently searching for new employment and gaining social skills. Christina is a person of few words, so it took time for Christina to talk and communicate what she likes and wants to do. Working with Able Opportunities on Christina’s video resume helped build a solid communication relationship between Christina and ENSO.

Now –

Using the skills she learned from putting together her video resume and using it in mock interviews…

Christina began working for Fred Meyer using the Work Autonomy application on an iPad. She quickly understood the technology and used the task list in the app to learn her tasks quicker. Before any time at all, Christina new her schedule completely! She worked hard, and continues to work hard every day. The staff and management at Fred Meyer is constantly saying how great Christina is at her job, how quickly and efficiently she performs her tasks, and how great she is to be around. She is, and will continue to be, a very valued employee of Fred Meyer.


King County

Rebecca came to ENSO hoping to salvage her job at a local Coffee Roaster. She was responsible for filling orders for packaged coffee. Rebecca had been on the job for about a year when her management changed. Her hours were cut and she was subsequently asked not to participate in lunch or breaks with co-workers.

After working with ENSO it was decided Rebecca wanted a change. Her ideal job was to work in an office setting. Rebecca worked with her ENSO staff to create a resume and cover letter and practice her interview skills.

Just about a month after leaving her job at the Coffee Roaster. Rebecca interviewed for an office assistant job with Benaroya Research Institute. She was offered the job and currently is working three days at 12 hours a week.

Rebecca is learning new skills and really enjoys her co-workers and her new job duties.


King County

 Willie’s number one choice for a job  was at Amazon. ENSO staff worked with Willie to apply, interview and get her job at Amazon. Because Willie does not like working alone so she wanted to work on a team, and this job is a great fit as she is always in a team environment. 

She had to go through a working interview and role play and nailed the working interview. Willie got the job and is scheduled to work from noon until 6 pm, Monday through Friday.

Her supervisors said that she does a great job and is a quick learner she fits in great with her team.

Jose Ramon

King County

When ENSO staff first started working with Ramon he was always anxious and it was hard for him to stay focus on the task at hand and he was ready to go home the minute he arrived. ENSO staff was able to carve a paid position for Jose Ramon at the Kent Sea Mar Clinic. Jose Ramon's job duties include sanitizing the clip boards, cleaning the children's area which includes the table and sanitizing the books. Since Jose Ramon is nonverbal he has 3 separate greeting boards he holds so he can greet the patients as they arrive and another board that he holds up to thank them for coming into the clinic. Because Se Mar in Signs are in Spanish and English due to Sea Mar being based more on the Hispanic community. Jose enjoys being at work and his coworkers look forward to seeing his big smile and hearing his sweet laugh when he comes to work. In April, Jose Ramon won Employee of the month after being nominated by his coworkers and office staff for. It was a great moment!  He continues to show improvements every day at work and is a joy to have in the clinic.


King County

Steve came to ENSO through the School to Work program from Highline School District.  He has made huge strides in his work ability over the past few years. Before coming to the program, he had difficulty adapting to new environments and working for prolonged periods of time. Throughout his time at school, Steve was able to practice his patience and perseverance and has been able to find paid employment through the South King Fire Department.  Steve is now a Support Services Worker for the South King Fire Department, assisting the fire station near to his home. He does shredding, sweeping, mopping and other light janitorial duties at the fire station floor. Steve is close to his home and family, while doing a job that he enjoys and helping his community in numerous ways.

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