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Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA)

DDA assists individuals with cognitive and developmental disabilities (along with other qualifying disabilities) and their team of support to obtain services and support. These services and the support provided are based on individual preferences, capabilities, and needs; which will promote everyday activities, routines, and relationships common to most members of society.


One of the services DDA can assist individuals get connected with is employment.

ENSO provides employment services to individuals through DDA contracts within the county and the support of the county that you live in. ENSO provides services in King, Pierce, Snohomish, and Spokane counties.

We offer all of our customers and our referrals an in-depth orientation and ongoing support to help everyone understand and navigate the complex nature of state, county, and federal systems. Our staff will walk you through the application process or assist you and your team of support with finding you the appropriate agency, even if ENSO isn't the one for you!

Employment Systems Navigation

This is the first step in the employment journey (for most participants). Discovery helps identify your interests, build skills, and identify obstacles and ways to find accommodations to help with any obstacles we may come across. We will also develop employment plans with smart goals, objectives, and helpfull strategies.


Person-Centered Plans help you and your team of support decide what is the best direction in your search for employment. It will help you to make decisions based on your interests, skills, and abilities. This is a plan for employment that is by you, for you and, about you! Also, we should mention they are very FUN!

Person-Centered Plans
Volunteer Support

You may start with a volunteer job as a way to learn and practice work skills which will help you ease into paid work in the community. 

This is the process of finding the job that is right for you once we decide on your employment plan and goals. It may be an existing or carved position. A carved position is a way we can organize your job title around you! We will help you network with co-workers and management, connect with employers, build relationships, and we will be there to support you through the interview process.

Job Development

This is intensive one-on-one training for the individual, coworkers, and supervisors that is continuously changing based on your needs and the needs of the employer. You will have long-term support and be able to work as independently as you can and want to.

Job Coaching
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