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Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

DVR contracts with agencies such as ENSO to provide employment services to individuals with disabilities. If you have a disability and are interested in employment or training for a job it can be to your advantage to go through DVR’s intake process. DVR will want to get to know you so services can be tailored to your interests, skills, and abilities. Resources through DVR are time-limited and designed to help you get a job and support you for the first three months you are working. If further support is needed DVR can look at other funding sources you may qualify for.

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Trial Work Experience

The purpose of a trial work experience (paid or unpaid) is to determine whether you can benefit from VR services and achieve an employment outcome, obtain information you need to select a suitable vocational goal, and determine the nature and scope of VR services you need to achieve an employment outcome.

Community Based Assessments

ENSO will work with you to find secure job positions in realistic work settings to help assess work interests, abilities and identify any employment barriers you may face. This process will assist in identifying the nature and extent of any support(s) and/or accommodation(s) needed for you to obtain and maintain competitive employment.

Job Placement Services

ENSO will help you locate, secure and begin a paid job in the community. We will work with you to match you with the right job for you that meets your interests, skills and abilities.

You will work directly with staff that will assist you to find the right job for you!

Job Retention Services

Retention services provide individualized on-the-job training and support services that enable you to learn the essential functions of a job. This can be for an existing job or after we asissiting you in finding employment. We will help you meet your employer’s expected level of job performance and retain your employment for ninety (90) calendar days past the point of Job Placement.

Intensive Training Services

One-on-one job skills training and support provided at a job site to enable you to attain job stabilization with job supports, meet your employer’s expected levels of work productivity, and transition to long-term extended services, usually provided by DDA.

These services help you learn how to manage disability issues that may get in the way of work. These include independent living skills such as following a schedule, maintaining a daily routine, and time management. They can also include money management skills and learning how to use public transportation.

Independent Living Services 

Pre-Employment Transition Services are built for students between the ages of 14 and 24. This includes job exploration counseling, work-based learning experiences, post secondary exploration, work place readiness training, and instruction on self-advocacy.

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