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Here at ENSO, we have been busy working on redefining our mission, values, and our 'WHY.' We sought out to answer the question of why we do what we do. This question, although it seemed like there was a simple answer, took a while to define. Perhaps that is because through this statement, we crafted the foundation of which we will provide services. This includes our mission statement, our guiding principles and our core values.

The process started with a small team of employees sharing moments they were most proud of where they work. These stories brought tears, smiles, and laughs. The next step was to pull key words from each story and crafted a sentence using those words. Our 'WHY' - not what we do but why we do it.

Our 'WHY' statement is as follows: To value and inspire all voices and dreams that enrich lives and communities. And we live this 'WHY' by celebrating our differences, successes, believing in everyone’s potential and ability, envisioning solutions, collaborating and building partnerships to create opportunities, and strengthening foundations.

Through this process, we not only learned more our collective 'WHY' but also about our individual 'WHY.' As a team, we will bring these ideas into our days while supporting our customers in finding and maintaining meaningful employment.

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